Wood - framed houses

We use Scandinavian spruce, the highest quality wood, which is planed on all four surfaces and kiln-dried, providing excellent quality and structural durability. We guarantee a solid, safe and comfortable home that will stand the test of time.
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Standard "A" finish

  • ground floor structure: Beams of 145x45mm (with optional foundation pillars).

  • external wall structure -Beams of 145 x 45 mm 
  • roof structure - Beams of 145 x 45 mm
  • ceiling and above ground floor structure - Beams of 220x45 mm without inside walls
  • personal collection or delivery possible in ready-made components
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Standard "B" finish

This is based on the A finish, with the addition of the following:
  • External walls and roof: Covered with 12mm thick chip board. The entire structure is covered with a protective windproof membrane, with counter battens nailed over the membrane.

  • The flooring is made of chip board, with a protective sealant if mounted on foundation pillars.

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Standard "C" finish

This is based on the B finish, with the addition of the following:
  • Roof: Completely finished with sheet metal or metal roof tiles, as well as flashings and gutters.

  • Windows: Standard double-glazed PVC, with optional triple-glazed PVC frames in different colours.

  • Entrance door: UV resistant metal

  • External wood façade: 19mm thick boards, double impregnated with the colour chosen by the customer.


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Standard "D" finish

This is based on the C finish, with the addition of the following:
  • wall and roof structure filled with 150 mm thick wool
  • construction of partition walls and ceiling filled with 100 mm thick wool 
  • vapor barrier foil placed inside 
  • a 25 mm thick installation grate placed on the vapor barrier foil 
  • execution of electrical installation without accessories 
  • construction of a hydraulic installation without sanitary fittings 
  • Ściany wewnętrzne pokryte deskowaniem ze sklejki o grubości 19mm lub płytą gipsowo-kartonową w zależności od wyboru.


Let your dreams come true, whether they are in the beautiful Tatra mountains of Poland, the rolling hills of Tuscany in Italy, or the sunny coastline of the South of France – our mobile homes can bring those dreams to life. Our company focusses on innovation, with a particular attention to quality. Our tiny houses are fully functional, mobile and made of the highest-quality, energy-efficient materials. We continually look for ways to improve on our already excellent products.
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Have a refreshing drink while soaking your feet in the water! Yes, house boats are becoming ever more popular. Our creative skills based on our land-based homes are easily applied to floating homes, allowing you to spend the day in splendid tranquillity.

Terraces & Gazebos

We manufacture terraces and gazebos to order, to fit anything from summer cottages to residential homes. They are made from spruce wood, which is kiln-dried and planed on all four surfaces, and are quickly assembled at the customer’s site.


Our stairs are tailor-made in the factory to any design, so are easily fitted on site.


We manufacture balconies for summer homes, permanent residential properties and apartment blocks, following our customer’s requirements.

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