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Why choose our house-building expertise?



Sample interior views of a 35 m2 house

Ground floor plans

First floor plans with two bedrooms

First floor plans with three bedrooms

Visualizations of a 35m2 house

Are you thinking about building a house but you are not sure whether it will look as good as you imagine?

Our offer also includes project visualizations, so if you are curious about what your new house will actually look like, we will show it to you before we start!

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Frequently Asked Questions

We only use the highest quality wood that has been kiln-dried and planed on all four surfaces. This gives it greater strength and insulation properties than traditional wood. It also allows for greater architectural freedom, allowing us to use it for houses, terraces, balconies, gazebos and carports.


A standard 35 m2 home is seven metres long, five metres wide and six metres high. The building has as much as 58 m2 of floor space (29 m2 on the ground floor and 29 m2 upstairs)We also build to a customer’s specific requirements. Just send a design or sketch, with dimensions, to our email address ( and we will prepare a free quote for you.


Absolutely, as an additional option. We will either create a solid concrete base or build pillars, depending on your wish.

We build both for the Polish and other European customers.

We offer four standards of finish, A, B, C and D. These include the completed home, the shell and a builder’s standard finish (see description below).

The structure itself can be ordered without the assembly. We provide ready-made components for self-assembly, along with all instructions.

We deal with every customer individually for full satisfaction.

Depending on the standard of finish, we can build the basic structure on sight in one day, while the closed raw state will take about 15 days. Our complete construction on sight takes about four weeks.

Craft your dream home with JUST HOUSE !